What is Anti Revoke?

Apple is known for its robust and secure iOS operating system. iOS users are prevented to install third party applications without jailbreak and jailbreaking is something risky that’ll disassociate you with this brand name. The midway to this problem is Anti Revoke. It is the good solution for resolving issues of installing modified or tweaked apps on your iOS gadget without any jailbreaking.


The concept must be sound delighting but it is important to dig into its detail to know exactly what is Anti Revoke and how it’ll assist you.

What is Anti Revoke?

We usually don’t concern about the scene behind the installation of Apps and who does if hitting that green Install button is enough to get them. But in order to understand the notion of Anti Revoke, it is important to know how iOS apps gain eligibility to your apple phones.

All the apps have to pass the certification from Apple before installation. If the app is not authorized or is tweaked, apple revoke the app certificate and thereby prevent it from installing on your device. Anti Revoke will block the revocation of such certificate from being verified. In other words, the step of verifying app certificate will be eliminated by Anti Revoke App. Anti Revoke is the certificate allows you to get any application including those from third-party sources provided that such apps must already be on your device before installation of Anti Revoke certificate.

Anti Revoke is not an alternate app store but a tool that bypass the certification process for third-party apps. This could be considered as a good alternative for fetching ++apps and their tweaks without having a need to jailbreak your device.


In the current scenario, where users are forced to jailbreak their iPhones just because to install third-party apps and to get rid of the formalities of app certification, it’s nice to hear something like Anti Revoke. This page is specifically created to facilitate iOS users to enjoy the installation of any apps by revoking app certification.

This website contains all the details regarding Anti Revoke from Anti Revoke official version of Anti Revoke download. We hope that iOS users will find this tool useful and reap the sweetest fruits out of it.

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